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Retreat to Comfort

When Sturgeon Creek Chiropractic Centre first opened its doors in 1992, Dr. Doug Starodub knew this would be his opportunity to give back to the Winnipeg neighbourhood he grew up in. By offering exceptional chiropractic care services to the residents of St. James, he hoped to build lasting relationships with the families and community that were so important to him. It was this powerful connection to the place where he grew up that was instrumental in creating the inspiration for the design of his chiropractic practice.

Dr. Starodub’s goals were to update the clinic to look fresh and current, while staying true to his well-established business philosophy of helping others to build a strong community. The impression of comfort so his patients could leave feeling refreshed, well-cared-for and happy was a priority for Dr. Starodub. That feeling of “leaving it all behind” greatly influenced his vision of helping his patients leave their stress at the doors of his clinic.

The concept is expressed in the space with soft colours, comfortable chairs, and greenery to initiate the process of unwinding from a busy day. Grey vinyl plank flooring, soft blue and grey colours, and slate-like countertops created a relaxing and calming atmosphere with a lakeside feel. Neutral grey carpeting, blue exam tables, and soft lighting all played a supporting role in the “Retreat to Comfort” concept for the space.

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Interior Designer | Josephine Pulver

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  • Project Management
  • Concept Development
  • Space Planning
  • 3D Renderings

  • Construction Drawings for Permits
  • Lighting and Electrical Plans
  • Finish, Fixture & Building Material Selection
  • Furniture Selection

  • Lighting Selection
  • Decorative Styling & Staging
  • Artwork & Accessory Selection