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by Ayoko Design, a small but mighty independent publisher and design studio in Winnipeg.

The Anthologie Project is a curated collection of books featuring
local design, art, food, fashion and handmade wares in support of Winnipeg charities and community.


Creative Design Services Since 1999

We are Anthologie by Ayoko Design, an independent publisher and multidisciplinary design studio in Winnipeg. Since 1999, we have worked with a diverse group of clients providing publishing, event production, creative direction, brand consulting, graphic design, website design, printing and interior design services. As a Winnipeg  business ourselves, and publisher of Anthologie, aDesigned Magazine and Ayoko Magazine featuring local businesses, we get the big picture and our agenda is clear … we care about our clients and the quality of our work, we proudly support local businesses, and we strive to promote the Winnipeg business community every way we know how!

The Anthologie Project


Canadian Mental Health Association,
Manitoba & Winnipeg
Habitat for Humanity Manitoba
Winnipeg Humane Society Foundation
Winnipeg Harvest & Winnipeg Art Gallery
Anthologie Fund at The Winnipeg Foundation
Wolseley Residents’ Association’s Community Garden
Volume 4: Eat Like a Bird &
Volume 5: Granola Chronicles are
funded by government of canada