School & Team Fundraisers

We would like to invite your school or sports team to take part in a very unique fundraising opportunity. As an Anthologie reseller, not only will you be raising money for your school/team, you’ll be supporting several very important not-for-profit organizations at the same time.


When we sell our books directly at Ayoko Design, we do not keep a percentage of the retail price. Some of our current resellers however, require a percentage of the retail price to cover bank charges and administrative time. We appreciate the hard work that goes into selling our books, and recognize that certain hard costs need to be covered so we have built these expenses into our business model. For this reason, we’ve decided to offer this same percentage to schools and sports teams who sell our books. This will help us raise money for these important organizations, while also giving this percentage to support youth programs in our community.

Your fundraising campaign would receive 30% of the retail price, and 100% of the net retail sales profit will then be donated to the not-for-profit organisations specified. Everyone wins!


1. Students are supplied with a stack of *bookmarks to distribute.

2. Customers place orders online at indicating the school/team name, teacher name and student’s name.

3. Orders are delivered to your school or club by the date you choose.

4. Your receive payment with delivery of the order by cheque or etransfer.

*Students also receive a paper order form with photos and descriptions of the books so students may collect order information if some customers are not able to order online.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 for each of the not-for-profit organizations listed above, and to support your group. If you’d like to work together to reach our fundraising goals, please contact us by email or call 204.612.5944. We’ll send over sample books and the marketing materials required to get your fundraising campaign launched immediately.