Tracy Koga’s Down to Earth Interview with Yoko Chapman on Hue


Tracy Koga and her production team at Hue did a wonderful job creating this video for Winnipeg Harvest. Take a peek to learn more about our Down to Earth cookbook project, and please help us reach our fundraising goal of $100,000 by sharing this video on social media.

We are planning to do a second print run of cookbooks, and hope you will tell all your friends and family about this amazing local project. The cookbooks are only $10 and make a great Holiday gift. Who doesn’t love soup?

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10,000 copies and still going …

Since we first launched our Down to Earth: Home Made Soups in Handmade Vessels cookbook at Winnipeg Harvest’s Empty Bowl Celebrity Auction on October 9th, we have nearly all 10,000 copies of our cookbook in circulation, and most have been sold.

Within the first couple weeks, we sold 5,000 copies, and we reached 6,000 copies within the first month. People in the publishing industry understand just how difficult it is to achieve this kind of success. Books and magazines published locally, by an independent publisher, just don’t move that quickly. So, why has our fundraising project been so successful? There is definitely a secret recipe, but the most important ingredients and key to our success have been COMMUNITY and COLLABORATION. It literally “takes a village”, and we are so honoured to have been part of this project.

Down to Earth is a product our Ayoko Design’s collaboration with the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s (WAG) CRAFTED Show + Sale, November 2 & 3. Now long time friends of Ayoko Design, Joyce Berry and Hennie Corrin, also the founder’s of CRAFTED, were instrumental in connecting me with the CRAFTED event. Last year, I came on board as the Philanthropic Chair. During it’s four years running, CRAFTED has supported collected hand knit scarves for Chase the Chill, hand made quilts and pillow cases for kids in hospital care, hand knit toques, mitts and socks for the Boys & Girls Club of Winnipeg, and now in 2018, we have created our Down to Earth cookbook in support of Winnipeg Harvest to fulfill the philanthropic component of the CRAFTED event.

Featuring 20 local chefs, who created the recipes, and 20 local ceramic artists, who made the beautiful soup bowls, Down to Earth showcases Winnipeg’s amazing local talent, and is an example of what a community working together can achieve. The WAG’s Director of Retail Operations, Sherri Van Went, was instrumental in coordinating our contributors and was never short of ideas. We had a lot of fun working together on this project, and it was a pleasure adding her to our creative team. Catherine Maksymiuk, Manager, Media & Marketing at the WAG also worked very hard at promoting our project. And, thank you to our editor, Jenny Gates and for the amazing photos by WAG photographer, Lianed Marcoleta and her assistant Ken Gregory.

Our project also could not have happened without the support of the WAG staff and CRAFTED volunteers who put on an amazing show, and Winnipeg Harvest’s CEO, Keren Taylor-Hughes, Colleen McVarish, Assistant Director of Development and Communications, Community Kitchen Facilitator, Anneliese Schoppe, and the Winnipeg Harvest volunteers who continue to work so hard selling our cookbooks.

Thank you to Our Contributors

From the Kitchen
Anneliese Schoppe, Winnipeg Harvest
Tabitha Langel, Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company
Chef Ben Kramer Custom Catering
Chef Wayne Martin, Capital Grill • Bar
Chef JD Braid, Arctic Co-operatives
Chef Mandel Hitzer, deer + almond
Chef Dale MacKay, Federated Co-operatives
Chef Barry Saunders, SMITH Restaurant
Chef Joseph Wojakowski, The Fort Garry
Sachit Mehra, East India Company Restaurants
Chef Karen Peters, KarenFood
Chef Larry de Vries, Arctic Co-operatives
Chef Östen Rice, Wasabi Sabi & Food from Thought
Chef Mark Andrew, Storm Catering
Chef Mike Brown, De Luca’s Catering
Chef Tristan Foucault, Peasant Cookery
Athina Parasidis, The Nook Diner
Chef Roel Calderon & Rob Austria, Stella’s Catering
Chef Sean McKay, The Mitchell Block
Chef Luc Jean, WOW! Catering

From the Kiln
Jessica Hodgson Ceramics
Alan Lacovetsky, The Stoneware Gallery
Peter Tittenberger, Ceramic Artist
Duane Perkins, Ceramic Artist
Chris Pancoe Fine Art & Craft
Marianne Gopalkrishna, Ceramic Artist
Terry Hildebrand, Ceramic Artist
Crystal Nykoluk, Ceramic Artist
PJ Anderson Ceramics
Kevin Conlin, Cypress Studio
Kathryne Koop Pottery
Candice Ring Studio Pottery
Robert Archambeau, Ceramic Artist
Michael Astill, Ceramic Artist
Rachael Kroeker Ceramics
Anne Fallis Elliott, The Stoneware Gallery
Kelli Rey Studio
Valerie Metcalfe Pottery
Teegan Walker Ceramics
Colleen Chamberlin Pottery

Our Masthead

Ayame Ulrich, ART DIRECTOR
Jenny Gates, EDITOR
Catherine Maksymiuk, WRITER
Lianed Marcoleta, PHOTOGRAPHER

Table Stories: Community Tablescapes Decorated for Christmas & the Holidays – Part 3

Gold Steampunk Christmas Dining Table

Steampunk Holiday Dining Table

Steampunk-Inspired Christmas dining table by Yoko Chapman of Ayoko Design, aDesigned Magazine.

Today is the final day of our Table Stories event Presented by Ayoko Design’s aDesigned Magazine and Blue Moon Furniture store at 109 Pacific Avenue it the Exchange District. Proceeds from the sales of our Down to Earth cookbook, a collaborative project of Ayoko Design and the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s CRAFTED Show + Sale, aDesigned Magazine, and 5% of ceramic sales will be donated to Winnipeg Harvest. Proceeds from Blue Moon’s draw for a teak root coffee table will be donated to Willow Place Women’s & Children’s Emergency Shelter.


Yoko Chapman – Ayoko Design, aDesigned Magazine

Beyond Flowers: Gold Mercury Glass Candle Sticks, Votives & Vases

A very special thank you to Deb and Gloria of Beyond Flowers for contributing to 4 tables at the event, and to Charmaine Mallari for these stunning photos!

Gold Steampunk Christmas Dining TableGold Steampunk Christmas Dining Table  Gold Steampunk Christmas Dining TableGold Steampunk Christmas Dining TableGold Steampunk Christmas Dining Table  Gold Steampunk Christmas Dining TableGold Steampunk Christmas Dining Table

Other Designers Include …

Yoko Chapman – Ayoko Design, aDesigned Magazine / Jeremy Moffatt Construction / Beyond Flowers

Josephine Pulver – Ayoko Design, aDesigned Magazine / Beyond Flowers / Crystal Nykoluk Earth Shaper

Jessica Saunders – Foxridge Homes / Beyond Flowers / Teegan Walker, The Stoneware Gallery

Les Sediles – Artista Homes

Sacha Jammu – French Accent Design / C & T Rentals / House of Silk

Lyndsay Stokes InteriorsVentura Custom Homes

Lyndsay Stokes Interiors / Richter Construction

Julie Pedersen Design / Envy Paint & Design Ltd. / Oak & Lilly

Kelli Johnson – Studio One Eleven / Tamara Nyysola / Stephen Jenkyns – Jenkyns Construction / Academy Florist / Indigo Arrows / MacDougall Studios

Candace Rudd & Linda – Two 30 Nine / Salt Boutique / Five Small Rooms

Julie Janzen & Jennifer Knight – J & J Dwellings

Adele Sinclair, Shawn Sinclair & Brent Adams – Boreal Architecture Studio Inc. / Terry Hildebrand

Alan Lacovetsky, Ceramic Artist

Kathryne Koop, Ceramic Artists

Holiday Appetizers Donated By:

Anneliese Schoppe, Winnipeg Harvest Community Kitchen Facilitator

Chef Wayne Martin, Capital Grill . Bar

Tabitha Langel, Tall Grass Prairie Bread Co.

Chef Karen Peters, KarenFood

Sachit Mehra, East India Company


Charmaine Mallari Photography